Woman Gets Slashed by Man Wearing an American-Flag Bandana

Disguise and weapon, abandoned at the scene. Photo: Alexandra Talty/DNAinfo

Another day, another slashing in New York City. Thursday morning, a man masking his face with an American-flag bandana sliced a woman in the neck in Brooklyn. The suspect came up behind the 53-year-old while she was walking in the Flatbush neighborhood of Prospect Park South, according to police, and then cut her across the neck without a word and quickly ran off, dropping a kitchen knife and his kerchief at the scene. The woman went to the hospital but is expected to be okay, though one witness told DNAinfo the victim’s cut was bloody and “pretty big.” The identity of the Stars and Stripes slasher is unknown. 


Woman Slashed by Man Wearing U.S.-Flag Bandana