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More Than 100 People Are Charged in Largest Gang Takedown in New York City History

Close to 1,000 federal agents and NYPD officers swarmed the areas around Bronx’s Williamsbridge neighborhood early Wednesday morning, raiding nearly 100 locations and rounding up scores of suspected gang members. A total of 120 people were charged after the raids, and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara called it the largest gang takedown in New York City history. 

The raid targeted two rival gangs: the 2Fly YGz and the Big Money Bosses, reports the New York Timeswhich each carved out territories in the Bronx. The 2Fly YGz are a clique associated with the Young Gunnaz. They ruled the area near Eastchester Gardens, a public housing complex. The 2Fly often battled with the Big Money Bosses, who claimed turf west of that rival gang, near White Plains Road and Boston Road.

At least 60 of those arrested from both gangs will face serious charges for violent felonies, including the murder of a 92-year-old woman who was hit by a stray bullet that allegedly came from the gun of a Big Money Boss gang member. Dozens of others face drug and trafficking charges — including peddling drugs near schools and playgrounds — along with robbery and weapons offenses.

120 Charged in NYC’s Largest Gang Takedown