The New York Primary Ballot Selfie Crosses Party Lines

New York finally went to the polls today after weeks of catering (literally) to presidential candidates. There’ve been some complaints — everything from sticker shortages to shuttered polling stations — but others are celebrating the fact that the New York primary finally matters. And there’s no better way to celebrate doing one’s civic duty than by taking a ballot selfie.

There’s some question about how legal these photos are — snapping a picture of a filled-in ballot may actually violate state election law — but really, how else would a vote count if it’s not also on Instagram?

How we feel about our choices. #Ivoted #halliegrace #wheresmysticker #zzzzz #notamused #nyprimary #republican

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There are the photos of ballots. If you’ve forgotten how to fill in a multiple-choice bubble, these are for you.

Dis how I roll #nyprimary

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Voted! #feelthebern

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And its done!! #IVoted #NewYorkPrimary #BernieSanders #feelthebern

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The “I Was Here” polling-place selfie.

#ivoted #feelthebern #brooklyn #nyc #electionday

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Then there are the post-voting sticker selfies. If you didn’t get a sticker, blame these people.

#familyvote #generousstickerman #nyprimary ❤️💙🔥

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The biggest get, of course, is the future First Lady selfie.

The Ballot Selfies of New York