Bedbugs Allegedly Hanging Out at Brooklyn College

Hey. Photo: Shutterstock

All those long hours in the library studying for finals helped some Brooklyn College students learn at least one new fact: Their Flatbush Avenue campus might have a little bit of a bedbug problem. That’s what some students were claiming, who went on Facebook to complain and collectively freak out that they’d seen bedbugs in the library, an academic hall, and maybe a room near the cafeteria.  

Bed Bugs in Brooklyn College! Fuck this shit !

Posted by Noura Amara on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

School administrators checked out the stories, and sent out a mass “calm down” email to the student body: “Over the past week, we’ve received isolated reports of bed bugs in two separate areas on campus. Our pest control experts have conducted inspections and all areas have been treated. No additional activity (such as live insects, carcasses, or eggs) was identified. This confirms that these were stray bed bugs likely to have been inadvertently introduced from an external source.”

That doesn’t seem to have stopped all of the bedbug paranoia, and some students started sharing pictures and videos of cockroaches and other suspicious critters spotted on campus. We’ll spare you the visuals, but a spokesman for the school told the Ditmas Park–Flatbush Patch that while the bedbug issue has been taken care of, the “cockroaches get a warning this time.”


Brooklyn College Has Bedbugs, Say Students