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Charles Koch Admits Hillary Clinton Could Be the Best Candidate in November

The Newish Koch? Photo: Screencap/ABC News

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, conservative-cause benefactor Charles Koch acknowledged that, looking at the GOP presidential field as it stands, “it’s possible” that Hillary Clinton could be the best choice in November. Along those lines, Koch noted that when it came to spending and the growth of government, Bill Clinton was a better president than George W. Bush, though he stopped short of saying that he himself could support Hillary, unless he believed “her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric” as president.

The billionaire also insisted that he would only consider giving money to Donald Trump or Ted Cruz if they backed down from some of their more controversial statements, like Trump’s “antithetical” and Nazi-Germany-like anti-Muslim comments, or Cruz’s “frightening” desire to “make the sand glow” in the Middle East by carpet bombing ISIS. But in the meantime, Koch also claimed he wouldn’t “put a penny” into trying to stop Trump from becoming the nominee, noting that the infighting GOP candidates are “terrible role models” and thus unsupportable. 

Koch additionally maintained, as he has in the past, that he believes, as Bernie Sanders does, that the political system is rigged, though he insisted that neither he nor his brother shared responsibility for rigging it, despite their massive financial support of conservative causes and Republican candidates. Instead, Koch said they actually want to help get money out of politics by eliminating corporate welfare and reforming the tax system.

Appearing after Koch on This Week, RNC chair Reince Priebus wrote off Koch’s comment about Hillary as him trying to appear non-partisan. Also, considering the Koch brothers’ reputations as boogeymen to liberals everywhere:

Charles Koch Admits Clinton Could Be Best Choice