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Yet Again, Clinton Refused to Release Her Wall Street Speech Transcripts

Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Spar At Democratic Debate In Brooklyn
“Nope.” Photo: Justin Sullivan/2016 Getty Images

Bernie Sanders is completely willing to publicly release transcripts of speeches he’s given to big banks behind closed doors. “I’m going to release all the transcripts [of speeches] I gave to Wall Street,” he said during the Democratic debate in New York on April 14. “Not for $225,000” he said, referencing Clinton’s own speaking fee. “Not for $2,000, not for two cents — because there were no speeches.” 

His opponent, however, has given several. And Sanders, as well as CNN anchor Dana Bash, again pressed Clinton to release those transcripts. Yet again, Clinton flatly refused to do so.

There isn’t an issue,” she said of the speeches. She went on, “There are certain expectations when you run for president — this is a new one. I’ve said if everyone agrees to do it, because there are speeches for money on the other side, I know that. But I will tell you this: There is a long-standing expectation that everybody running release their tax returns.” 

She then pointed out that Sanders has yet to release his returns (true) before Bash brought her back to the transcripts thing. To which she said, “When everybody does it, okay, I will do it, but let’s set the same standard on tax returns.”

Clinton Refuses to Release Speech Transcripts