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Donald Trump Only Lost One Place in New York: His Home

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Buffalo Campaign Rally
Photo: Bloomberg/© 2016 Bloomberg Finance LP

Donald Trump was the clear victor in today’s GOP primary — indeed, parts of New York seem to be populated entirely by Trump supporters. He won every single county in New York save one: the county he calls home. Despite having lived there for years, somehow Trump failed to win a majority percentage of votes in Manhattan, instead losing the county to Ohio governor John Kasich.

Perhaps Manhattanites have seen Trump’s shiny gold name on the sides of buildings too often to be struck by his campaign antics. Perhaps they’d prefer a Republican candidate who’s more … understated. Whatever the reason, with all precincts reporting, Trump trailed Kasich by a little less than 1,000 votes. In fact, he failed even to secure the vote of every resident in his own building. (Then again, friction between landlords and tenants is nothing new.)

At least he didn’t lose to someone who dropped out of the race more than a month ago.

Donald Trump Lost Manhattan to Kasich