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Edward Snowden’s Music Video Is Magnificent Hacker Garbage

The music world was rocked to its very core a couple of weeks ago when it was announced that Edward Snowden — NSA document-leaker and musical genius — was featured on a techno track by Jean Michel Jarre.

Now, from deep within what I assume is a lead-lined bunker, Snowden has blessed us simpletons with the music video for “Exit.” And it’s so good.

This music video has everything I ever wanted from a music video about cyber espionage. Stock footage of satellites and servers, green terminal text, surveillance cameras, my man Snowden lecturing me on the importance of protecting our collective right to privacy.

On the one hand, this is generic hacking visual garbage, but still, it’s way better than what hacking actually looks: some rando typing at a computer.

It harkens back to that old Mega64 Deus Ex skit, featuring a guy in a trenchcoat hacking laptops and flatbed scanners at Best Buy.

Compare that to actual music video footage of Jarre in the studio.

It’s 2016 and this is still how people see hacking. I hope it stays that way.

Edward Snowden’s Music Video Is Hacker Garbage