Going Overboard at Work?

For several seasons we’ve followed the high-seas high jinx of a group of yachtie hotties on Bravo’s Below Deck as they navigate the whims of well-heeled charter guests on a mega-yacht. From crewmember hook-ups to deckhand debacles to galley fires, it’s all in a day’s work. This got us thinking…what kind of risqué business do New Yorkers engage in at their jobs?

To find out, we surveyed hundreds of New Yorkers in an exclusive poll asking them a host of questions to find out who’s getting busy at work. Some of the results might surprise you! Take the survey below to see how you measure up, and share your #NSFW story with @BravoTV. Be sure to catch all the action when Bravo launches their newest series, Below Deck Mediterranean in the glamorous Greek islands, premiering Tuesday, May 3 at 9/8, only on Bravo.

How Naut’y Are You? Have you ever…

Harbored a crush on a crew member?

55% have had a crush on a co-worker

Performed sexy CPR on a crew member?

51% have made out with a co-worker

Gone full mast? (Hooked up with a co-worker)

71% have hooked up with a co-worker

Thrown a crew member overboard? (Gossiped about a co-worker)

72% have gossiped about a co-worker

Tried to make a castaway out of a crew member? (Tried to get a co-worker fired)

59% have tried to get a co-worker fired

Been three sheets to the wind with a crew member? (Gotten drunk with a co-worker)

89% have gotten drunk with a co-worker

Set sail with the captain? (Gone on a date with your boss)

29% have gone on a date with their boss

Sent naughty texts to a crew member?

79% have sexted with a co-worker

Pictured a crew member wearing nothing from stem to stern?

69% have pictured a co-worker naked
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Going Overboard at Work?