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Is This the World’s Oldest Selfie Stick?

Ah, the selfie stick. The greatest technological innovation of the 21st century beside the U2-branded iPod.

Or is it?

“1934 Selfie, with a stick,” reads the caption to a photo uploaded to Imgur on Wednesday. In just three hours, more than 200,000 people have already viewed it and it’s quickly rising on the Reddit front page.

Yes, the man is probably using the stick to press the shutter button on a camera which is positioned on a tripod. But it’s still a selfie by any reasonable definition. And, yes, he’s using a stick. Hence: selfie stick.

(At least one selfie truther in the Select All offices believes the stick is being used to poke a human photographer at the moment of capture. We’ll continue to pursue the inquiry.)

Is This the World’s Oldest Selfie Stick?