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Vine Star King Bach Made It to The Daily Show

Last night, King Bach, the most-followed Vine star on the web, was a guest on The Daily Show. Depending on your perspective, it’s a testament to Bach’s popularity, or an indication of The Daily Show’s falling star (I lean toward the former). Oddly enough, Bach took the stage for his interview recording a video for … Snapchat.

The internet celebrity (real name: Andrew Bachelor) told host Trevor Noah that he initially got into Vine and YouTube after failing showbiz audition after audition. So he saw what Kevin Hart and Dane Cook were doing, generating followings online, and tried to do the same.

Do you have private moments?” Noah asked.

I do have private moments,” Bach answered, “that I film.” He mostly shrugged off the hazards of the social-media panopticon, claiming that it comes with the territory of a following that’s more than 15 million–strong.

Despite his huge online audience, Bach — who studied acting — is still looking to jump into more traditional (and profitable) media opportunities, which appears to be working out well with parts on TV shows like House of Lies.

King Bach Made It to The Daily Show