New Yorkers Really Aren’t Pleased With Mayor de Blasio These Days

Mayor Bill de Blasio Delivers Update on Hurricane Joaquin Preparedness
Guys, c’mon. Universal Pre-K! Photo: Bryan Smith/Corbis

Mayor Bill de Blasio had another no good, very bad week. On Saturday, he got real flak for his misbegotten “colored-people time” joke at the Inner Circle roast. Later in the week, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara indicated that not only were the Feds investigating his campaign fund-raising, but they were also poking into the administration’s involvement in a deal to flip a Manhattan nursing home into luxury condos.

And apparently New Yorkers aren’t too happy with the mayor these days, either. A new Wall Street Journal poll quantifies those boos at Mets opening day, putting his approval rating — those who think he’s doing an “excellent or good” job — at 35 percent. It’s the mayor’s lowest rating since he took office. Also, fully 62 percent of those polled think he’s doing a “fair or poor” job. 

But it’s not all bad news: Though 51 percent of people think the city is headed in the wrong direction, that’s actually a bit of an improvement from last year, when the figure was 55 percent. 

But de Blasio seems to have found a positive outlet for all this stress, thanks to the city’s celebration of National Poetry Month.

Mayor de Blasio’s Approval Rating Lowest Ever