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Feds Recover 500 Pounds of Fireworks Nabbed in Midwest Train Heist

A CSX freight train in Ohio. Photo: James Blucher/Flickr/CC

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms announced on Friday that more than 500 pounds of fireworks were stolen off a CSX freight train somewhere between Chicago and Detroit last week. According to CBS News, when the train arrived in Detroit on Wednesday, 32 cases of commercial grade fireworks — half of an expected shipment — were missing. After publicizing the theft and asking for help in locating the explosives, the ATF then received a tip that led them to recover the cargo, according to USA Today. Authorities have reportedly made no arrests, and the investigation is ongoing. The Detroit Free Press adds that the fireworks, aerial shells under five inches in length, are similar to the kind a municipality might shoot off during a fireworks show. 

This post has been updated to reflect the recovery of the fireworks by authorities on Saturday. 

Midwest Train Heist Nabs 500 Pounds of Fireworks