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Donald Trump Sweeps All 5 Northeastern Primaries, Declares Himself the ‘Presumptive Nominee’

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Chalk up another one (or five) for the Donald. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/2016 Getty Images

Mere minutes after polls closed in the Northeast, multiple outlets called Republican primaries in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland for GOP front-runner Donald Trump. A few minutes later, Trump was named the projected winner of the Rhode Island primary as well, and minutes after that Trump was announced the projected winner in Delaware, completing his northeastern sweep.

Trump is at or above 30 percent in every state he won tonight — a much stronger performance than expected. Although the Trump campaign has been hinting its candidate might tone down his rhetoric as he eyes the general election, Trump seems to have decided that his current tack is working just fine.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s over. I’m winning. So why would I change?” he asked during a speech at Trump Tower following his victory. He clarified that he “may act differently, but my thought process is the same.” 

Trump also said he considers himself the “presumptive nominee” for the Republican party. “Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich have no path to victory,” he said. “Honestly we should heal the Republican party, bring the Republican party together. And I’m a unifier. We will have people backing this party that you folks would not even believe. We’re going to have such unity.” 

Just look at Chris Christie — now that’s a face that says “such unity.”

Donald Trump Sweeps Northeastern Primary