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The Internet Loves These Videos of People Popping Single Kernels of Corn With Hair Straighteners

Who wants to eat an entire bag of popcorn? It’s just so filling, what with all that air. For people looking for a more sensibly portioned snack, it turns out it’s easy to pop a single kernel of corn using something you might already have in your bathroom: a hair-straightening iron.

Take a look at this video. It takes just 16 seconds of squishing the kernel in the hot iron to turn it into a delicious snack, which I assume doesn’t taste at all like shampoo or styling gel.

The video hasn’t even cracked 100,000 views on YouTube yet, but it already found its way to the No. 1 spot on the /r/Videos subreddit.

Plus, I’ve already watched it about 6 billion times this morning, so the view counter should be skyrocketing shortly.

Last week, a similar video made the rounds on Twitter, when more than 14,000 people retweeted a video of a Japanese guy making popcorn with a flat iron and then screaming maniacally at his culinary innovation. As they say: Two is a trend. (They say that, right?)

The guy behind that video told BuzzFeed that he didn’t actually eat the piece of popcorn, but that it was “insanely stiff.” Yum.

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