Report: NYPD Officials Traveled With Prostitutes on Private Jets

The FBI’s NYPD corruption probe just got a bit juicier, if the New York Post is to be believed. The tabloid reported Monday that top police officials had sex with a prostitute while flying on a private jet allegedly paid for by a mayoral donor at the center of the investigation. The Feds are scrutinizing gifts and vacations that Brooklyn businessmen Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg allegedly gave some members of the department brass in exchange for police escorts and other favors. Both men raised money for the mayor, and the FBI probe also includes possible fund-raising corruption on the part of Bill de Blasio’s campaign.

Rechnitz allegedly paid for the round-trip flight, says the Post, which went between Teterboro Airport in Jersey and — where else? — Las Vegas sometime in 2014. 

The Post, citing two unnamed sources, reports that two high-ranking cops had sex with the woman, who was dressed like a flight attendant. The story also names two police officials — a commanding officer in the 19th Precinct and a community-affairs officer in Brooklyn — who were allegedly on a Rechnitz-funded flight. Both men had already been put on modified duty in the fallout from the FBI probe. Both NYPD officers denied the Post’s allegations, and Rechnitz also declined to comment on what the tabloid termed “Jet Screw.”

Report: NYPD Brought Prostitutes on Private Jets