Report: Target Employees Will Now Get a $10 Minimum Wage

Customers leave Target August 14, 2003 in Springfield, Virgina.
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Target is apparently the latest company to respond to the recent push to increase wages for workers. Reuters reports that the retailer will raise its hourly wage to $10 for employees, a $1 add to last year’s hike of $9 per hour. Workers who are already earning $10 an hour will also likely see a wage bump, according to the report. Target hasn’t officially released any details about this potential change, neither confirming nor denying the report in a vague statement. It’s not clear exactly when and which employees will see the increase — but, per Reuters, it could likely happen as early as next month.

Target, which currently employees about 341,000, is following the lead of fellow retail giant Walmart — which is raising its pay rate for most employees to $10 per hour this year — in bumping up salaries. Nationally, a $15 minimum wage is the magic number, one championed by fast-food workers and that has gained traction nationally. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton fiercely debated a minimum-wage increase last week, during their Brooklyn debate. California and New York just passed legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15, though increases in both those states are incremental. New York City, for example, won’t guarantee $15 per hour until 2018, and it’s going to take much longer in the suburbs and the rest of the state.

Report: Target Employees Get $10 Minimum Wage