Rex Ryan Will Introduce Donald Trump at His Buffalo Rally Tonight

Rex Ryan and Donald Trump have been compared to each other in the past. Photo: Getty Images

In an alternate universe, Donald Trump — who once attempted to buy the NFL’s Buffalo Bills — could be Rex Ryan’s boss right now. Instead, Trump is doing some last-minute campaigning in Buffalo in advance of tomorrow’s New York primary, and Ryan told reporters today that he will introduce Trump at a rally there tonight.

The two men have been compared to each other in the past: Ryan, after all, is a brash, polarizing figure in the football world, and it’s been noted that “Like his counterpart in the political sphere, Ryan is willing to dispense with press-conference politesse to dump on his rivals.” (Both men have done some fine reality-TV work as well.)

Trump, incidentally, now has both Rex Ryan and his longtime nemesis Tom Brady in his corner, so maybe the Republican front-runner really is a uniter.

Rex Ryan to Introduce Donald Trump at Rally