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Bernie Sanders’s Wife Calls New York Daily News Interview an ‘Inquisition’

Bernie Sanders Holds Rally In New York's Washington Square Park
Jane and Bernie Sanders appear at a rally in Washington Square Park. Photo: Spencer Platt/2016 Getty Images

As her husband strives to win the hearts and votes of New Yorkers, Jane Sanders is speaking out about the New York Daily News interview that lead many to doubt — and Hillary Clinton to openly question — his viability as a candidate. When asked about the interview on CNN, Jane Sanders compared it to an “inquisition” and said that the Daily News didn’t tell Bernie Sanders that it planned to publish the transcript

It was a conversation, and when you only see words down, it doesn’t quite give the flavor of it,” Jane Sanders said. “It was a very odd interview. We commented on that afterwards, that it was more of an inquisition: Hurry, hurry, interrupt, let’s ask the questions, don’t let you even finish your answers.”

She also downplayed her husband’s comments that Hillary Clinton is “unqualified” to be president — a statement that brought the fierce competition between Clinton and Sanders to a head last week. “Secretary Clinton has a regime-change policy that was borne out of Libya,” she said. “Bernie does not believe in regime-change policy. He was trying to say, ‘Okay, if you’re looking at who’s qualified, lets look at the qualifications you’re looking for as a voter.’ I think the media has made more of it than either candidate.”

She made it clear that both candidates are back on civil terms and assured everyone that she and her husband would support Clinton if she won the nomination — and hoped their followers would do the same. She also said she expected Clinton to support her husband if, conversely, he won.

Mrs. Sanders also had some words for America’s electoral system. She wouldn’t go so far as saying the system is “crooked” — Donald Trump’s word of the week — because, after all, they knew the rules going in. But she did say that she thought banning New York’s independents from voting in Tuesday’s primary was bad for the party and, using her very harshest language, called superdelegates “silly.”

Sanders’s Wife: NYDN Interview an ‘Inquisition’