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The Snapchat 101: The Best, Coolest, Smartest, Weirdest Accounts on the Hottest Social Network on Your Phone

Illustration: QuickHoney

Snapchat has more than 100 million users. But how are you supposed to find any of them?

Part of Snapchat’s beauty is that it’s not aggressively public. You can snap photos privately to one person or several people at a time. Your photos, unless your friends screenshot them before they disappear, fade away after a few seconds.

But you don’t just have to follow — or share photos with — only your friends. You can sequence snaps to create a public story, a kind of flipbook that anyone following you on the app can access as many times as they want in a 24-hour period. It’s those stories where some of the funniest, weird, coolest, and most interesting stuff on Snapchat exists.

The problem is that it’s hard to figure out where they are. The Snapchat Discovery tab leads you only to carefully curated content from news organizations, and the app is generally (and maybe intentionally) not as intuitive as some of its rival social platforms. It’s easy to give up and just delete it from your phone. But Snapchat is used by tons of weird, interesting, creative people, all of whom are creating fascinating new things for increasingly large audiences.

As on many social networks, the best Snapchat users have something that you might not — a talent for drawing, a gift for short skits, a closet full of Prada, the major keys to life — but, just as important, they have a willingness to show it off in a funny, engaging, and down-to-earth way. The culture of Snapchat is more outgoing and less “filtered” than Instagram; you come to it for personality and presence rather than perfect curation. Users share less-buttoned-up versions of themselves, and act in the moment, without doing a ton of editing (or thinking) prior to publishing. They talk at the camera in a way that makes you feel like you could be sitting in the same room, or show off cool stuff — drawings, dishes, bags — with immediate glee rather than filtered distance.

So: How do you find those accounts? Which are the ones worth adding to your roster of friends? And once you figure all of that out, how do you follow them?

Look no further. We’ve assembled this list of 101 artists, musicians, celebrities, chefs, models, trainers, and dogs we believe are worth your follow. Yes, DJ Khaled is there, along with a handful of other people you’ll recognize (though their Snapchats might show a side of their lives you didn’t realize existed). But many, we hope, will be brand-new names (ever heard of Julz Goddard or Audrey Spencer?) you’ll be happy we introduced you to. They’ll show you everything from the Miami club scene to cat videos. All 101 have found a home on the app where they can be funny, or weird, or cute, or just flat-out creative. They’re all, to put it bluntly, really good at Snapchat.

With each profile on this list, there’s a corresponding yellow box containing a ghost. This is a Snapcode, a user-specific QR code that you can use to add people on Snapchat. (There are a few other ways to do this, but this method is definitely the easiest.)

To add a person, whip out your phone, open the app, and take a picture of your Snapcode of choice. You’ll see a pop-up notification where you’ll need to tap “Add Friend” to confirm. Or you can swipe down from the Snapchat home screen, tap “Add Friends,” and manually type in their username.

To help make sense of what is, we admit, a very long list, we’ll kick it off with a Top Ten — the ten you should follow now.

Top Ten

Name: DJ Khaled
Day job: DJ
Username: djkhaled305
Why you should follow: There’s a reason DJ Khaled’s name feels like it’s been in every headline about Snapchat for the past six months: The guy is good. From daily lessons about life and musings while he waters his plants to that time he infamously got lost on a Jet Ski, Khaled’s life is Snapchat gold. We just wish he’d stop snapping from the shower. We’re worried about water damage.

Name: Cyrene Quiamco
Day job: Snapchat influencer
Username: cyreneq
Why you should follow: If Kylie Jenner is the king of Snapchat (It’s the 21st century! Women can be kings!), then Cyrene Quiamco is its queen. Earlier this year, the 26-year-old quit her full-time job as a web designer with Verizon; now she pays the bills solely with her colorful doodled snaps, for which brands pay her thousands of dollars. Her “celebrity selfies,” a series where Quiamco draws herself beside stars like Bruno Mars and Ellen DeGeneres, is a fan favorite.

Name: Georgio Bassil
Day job: Pursuing a master’s degree in interior architecture
Username: georgio.copter
Why you should follow: Georgio Bassil whimsically transforms photos and videos from his everyday life by adding six-eyed, three-horned monsters. At their best, his snaps are almost like miniature Monsters Inc. sequels — in other words, great.

Name: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Day job: Actor, Terminator, and former governor of California
Username: arnoldschnitzel
Why you should follow: Most 68-year-olds don’t even know what Snapchat is, much less how to use it and use it well. But most 68-year-olds have never played Conan the Barbarian, either. Late in life, Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a social-media savant with a deep understanding of what makes for good snaps: a peek behind the scenes of the actor turned politician turned actor’s day-to-day life with some well-placed emoji. Follow for world travel, a look behind the scenes of current projects and, not surprisingly, a lot of gym selfies.

Name: Kym Perfetto
Day job: SoulCycle Instructor
Username: kymnonstop
Why you should follow: A SoulCycle master instructor (way better than your regular, boring, normal instructor), former Amazing Race competitor, and generally athletic human, Kym Perfetto finds there are few hours throughout the day where she isn’t moving. Watch as she snaps while bopping from spin class to the gym to another spin class. Why would you pay for a SoulCycle membership when you can just open up Snapchat and pretend?

Name: Yvan Rodic
Day job: Style photographer and creator of FaceHunter
Username: mrfh
Why you should follow: Yvan Rodic — a.k.a. FaceHunter — is one of the web’s best-known street-style photographers. He once told Vogue that to take a great photograph, “you need a great character with a good spirit.” (You also need a big travel budget, but luckily Rodic has that.)

Name: Julieanna Goddard
Day job: Blogger and promoter at “Yez Julz!”
Username: yesjulz
Why you should follow: Consider Julz Goddard’s Snapchat your all-access pass to the parties and clubs you wish you were hanging out at instead of sitting on your couch. The self-proclaimed “director of vibes” hails from Miami and dreams of “bridging the gap between cool & conscious.” Whatever that means. Follow her because her life is way more chill than yours.

Name: Christine Mi
Day job: Snapchat artist and strategist
Username: miologie
Why you should follow: After graduating from Yale in 2015, Christine Mi decided to forgo the traditional career route and instead go all-in on Snapchat. And why not? She has a zany, colorful account filled with incredibly detailed drawings of classic art pieces — with Christine’s face wedged in the middle.

Name: Shaun McBride
Day job: Snapchat influencer and vlogger
Username: shonduras
Why you should follow: Better known online as “Shonduras,” Shaun McBride was among the first people to get a big Snapchat following (and, consequently, big brand partnerships). You wouldn’t think watching somebody install a cereal dispenser would be entertaining, but when McBride does it, you can’t help but wish you’d thought of it first.

Name: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Day job: Museum
Username: lacma
Why you should follow: One Drake lyric at a time, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is determined to get Snapchat addicts interested in art. The museum likes to use lyrics from popular music paired with shots of artwork from its collection, like a painting of coconuts paired with the caption “I’m in love with the coco.” You get the idea.


Name: Dasha Battelle
Day job: Snapchat creator
Username: dabttll
Why you should follow: Batelle describes herself as “a creator of artsy thangz on Snapchat.” Expect to see her doodling herself into everything from a walrus to David Bowie to a dog playing poker. And before you ask how she’s able to draw in such accurate detail, Batelle is very clear on her website: She uses only her finger. No stylus involved.

Name: Chino
Day job: Property master and art director
Username: turbanchino
Why you should follow: Some people snap their cool lives. Other people just snap themselves and paint a cool life around them. Like Chino (he’s known only by his first name). Chino has a particular gift for celebrity portraits: His best snaps are the ones where he draws entire scenes from movies, leaving a hole for his face. We think he makes a pretty convincing Regina George.

Name: Sallia Goldstein
Day job: Engineer
Username: salliasnap
Why you should follow: Who says social media can’t be educational? (Try to read that without rolling your eyes.) A full-time engineer and part-time Snapchat pro, Goldstein has an account devoted to all things science; every Monday she hosts a weekly show where she demonstrates experiments, like building a Rube Goldberg machine. Doesn’t hurt that she’s also one heck of an artist.

Name: Steven Paananen
Day job: Balloon artist
Username: stevenballoons
Why you should follow: A self-described “Balloon artist Juggler Unicyclist Photographer” from Boston, Steven Paananen’s Snapchat game is, quite literally, blowing up. Paananen’s balloons are not your average party favor; many of them are taller than Steven is. In his own words: “I want to bring happiness to as many people as possible cause the world doesn’t have enough of it.”

Name: Geir Ove Pedersen
Day job: Snapchat strategist and graphic illustrator
Username: geeohsnap
Why you should follow: Geir Ove Pedersen takes pictures of unsuspecting people on the street and then doodles on them to create cool pieces of art: A random person riding a bicycle suddenly has two giant bears clinging to them; a coffee-shop barista is transformed into Moe, the bartender from The Simpsons.

Name: Alex Richter
Day job: Snapchat consultant
Username: decalex
Why you should follow: Alex Richter has better handwriting than you and he wants you to know it. His account is devoted to snaps showing off his calligraphy skills, rounded out with a daily dose of humor. Just think: If you’d spent more time working on your cursive you might be able to make a living off of it.

Name: Adriana Rivas
Day job: Cashier
Username: artist_wonders
Why you should follow: To put it simply, Adriana Rivas is probably better at drawing than you are. Follow her to see snaps of popular cartoon characters like Scooby Doo and Hello Kitty. She’ll even accept requests if there’s something special you’d like to see her create.

Name: Pouya Sayyedi
Day job: Mechanical engineer
Username: pouyas
Why you should follow: Mechanical engineer by day, Snapchatter by night, Pouya Sayyedi jokes that his “finger has a sense of humor.” Add him to be impressed by fun drawings most people couldn’t do with a full set of Crayolas, much less a tiny phone screen.

Photo: PouyaS

Name: Audrey Spencer
Day job: Industrial designer
Username: cakes1todough1
Why you should follow: Taylor Swift has some competition for the title of “Best Cat Lady on Social Media.” Audrey Spencer’s feline-inspired snaps prominently feature her cats, both as they exist in real life and how they look when hilariously doodled into pole dancers or pirates. Did we mention cats? So. Many. Cats.


Name: Dr. Sandra Lee
Day job: Dermatologist
Username: drpimplepopper
Why you should follow: The fact that Dr. Sandra Lee’s snap handle is “Dr. Pimple Popper” says just about everything you need to know. Watch as Lee, a dermatologist with followings on Instagram and YouTube, splices and squeezes goop out of people’s skin. It’s incredibly disgusting and, yet, insanely compelling. (Read more about Dr. Lee here.)

Name: Dr. Michael Salzhauer
Day job: Plastic Surgeon
Username: therealdrmiami
Why you should follow: If you’ve ever considered getting plastic surgery, or are still watching reruns of Nip/Tuck, this NSFW and slightly gory account is for you. Dr. Miami (who is, yes, a real, board-certified plastic surgeon) takes you behind the scenes as he slices and tucks everything from tummies to bums to love handles.


Name: Doug
Day job: Pug
Username: itsdougthepug
Why you should follow: Doug the pug is a pug named Doug. He eats ice cream. He goes to the library. He wears costumes. As one of his recent snaps put it, he’s “so effing cute.” What else could you possibly need to know?

Name: Jiff
Day job: Pomeranian
Username: jiffpom
Why you should follow: Have you seen this dog? If you have, you don’t need to be convinced to follow it on Snapchat. If you haven’t, well: Jiff is a tiny, adorable little dog who wears even tinier T-shirts. The most important reason to follow him on Snapchat is to see him move around and be convinced that he’s not actually a stuffed animal.

Name: Marnie
Day job: Shih tzu
Username: marniethedog
Why you should follow: Marnie is a 13-year-old shih tzu who was adopted three years ago after being found wandering the streets of Connecticut alone and almost blind in one eye. (I’m not crying. You’re crying.) Now Marnie, thanks to her iconic lopsided head, has found social-media fame to the tune of nearly 2 million Instagram followers. She’s worth following on Snapchat if only to see the ridiculous way her tongue sticks out of her mouth at all times.

Fashion and Lifestyle

Name: Sophia Amoruso
Day job: Founder of Nasty Gal
Username: sophiaamoruso
Why you should follow: The founder of fashion brand Nasty Gal knows how to be a #girlboss (the title of her book) in the office and on Snapchat. What to expect if you follow the groundbreaking entrepreneur? Selfies, clothes, and a karaoke jam here or there.

Name: Kristina Bazan
Day job: Model and blogger at “Kayture
Username: kristina_bazan
Why you should follow: According to her style blog Kayture (it’s wildly popular in Switzerland, trust us), Kristina Bazan has about 17 different jobs, including being a model, stylist, singer, creative director, and social influencer. Wonder what all that translates to in the real world? Follow her on Snapchat as she rides mopeds through Rome, reports live from concerts at Coachella, and works on campaigns with luxury brands like Bulgari and Cartier.

Name: Yoyo Cao
Day job: Fashion blogger and designer at Exhibit
Username: yoyokulala
Why you should follow: Fashion designer Yoyo Cao made a name for herself by racking up more than 100,000 followers on Instagram for her perfectly poised and stylish pics. But on Snapchat, the Singapore-based style icon gets to show fans a different side. “I like Snapchat a lot because it reflects the real me,” Cao told herworldPLUS. “You can see me being silly.”

Name: Eva Chen
Day job: Head of fashion partnerships for Instagram
Username: theevachen212
Why you should follow: Unlike Instagram, Snapchat isn’t made for inducing jealousy — you’re more likely to see goofy real-life scenes than perfectly arranged portraits. But somehow Eva Chen’s life looks just as cool on Snapchat as it does on Instagram (where she’s the head of fashion partnerships). The key may be that she actually has a cool life and is happy to share scenes from her trips to restaurants, runways, and her adorable daughter, Ren.

Name: Tina Craig
Day job: Co-founder of Snob Essentials
Username: bagsnob
Why you should follow: Tina Craig is an admitted snob. As co-founder of the popular style blog Bag Snob (later rebranded as Snob Essentials), her snaps often center on her daily look and what she’s up to when she’s not running her crazy-successful business. We could probably also have filed her under “Fitness,” because Craig snaps a lot while she’s sweating it out at her barre classes.

Name: The Cut
Day job: Fashion blog
Username: thecut
Why you should follow: Follow the Cut for beauty-product reviews, styling tips, and inside access to events like New York Fashion Week.

Name: Naomi Davis
Day job: Lifestyle blogger at Love Taza
Username: love.taza
Why you should follow: Online, Naomi Davis is better known as Taza, the lifestyle and mommy blogger behind Love Taza. Follow her on Snapchat to watch her juggle raising three kids in New York City while holding a cell phone in one hand at all times. This family is cute, even to the mommy-blogger-allergic.

Name: Erica Domesek
Day job: DIY guru and founder of P.S. I Made This
Username: psimadethis
Why you should follow: The blogger/author/DIY queen behind P.S. I Made This brings her creative advice to Snapchat. Tune in to see what goes on behind the scenes, including design projects, photo shoots, and delicious-looking snacks.

Name: Chiara Ferragni
Day job: Fashion blogger and creator of the Blonde Salad
Username: chiaraferragni
Why you should follow: Chiara Ferragni is an Italian-born, Los Angeles–based model and photographer better known as the Blonde Salad, the name of her extremely successful fashion and lifestyle blog. Ferragni and her fabulous eyebrows snap while working with high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and traveling the globe. Glimpses of her enviable closet have been known to make people weepy, so consider yourself warned.

Name: Tina Leung
Day job: Fashion blogger and stylist
Username: tinayilayleung
Why you should follow: Hong Kong–born stylist and blogger Tina Leung is known for her eclectic style, mixing luxury pieces with high-street labels like Zara. Tune in for snaps from both the front row of Paris Fashion Week and from the sky as Leung flies from Los Angeles to Singapore to Thailand to just about anywhere else in the world you can name.

Name: Aimee Song
Day job: Fashion blogger behind Song of Style
Username: songofstyle
Why you should follow: When she’s not blogging on her popular fashion site Song of Style or vlogging on YouTube, you can catch also up with Aimee Song on Snapchat. Whether she’s rocking a denim jacket while chilling at Coachella or strutting the streets of Paris in a little black dress, expect lots of fashion inspiration.

Name: Shiona Turini
Day job: Style consultant and creative director
Username: shionat
Why you should follow: From photo shoots on the beach to snaps of her enviable shoe collection (Versace, YSL, Tom Ford, the list goes on and on), stylist and fashion editor Shiona Turini’s Snapchat has us seriously green with envy. Follow and watch as she bops around the world, whether she’s touring Amsterdam with Pharrell or hanging out in her native Bermuda.

Name: Hung Vanngo
Day job: Makeup artist
Username: hungvanngo
Why you should follow: A makeup artist who has worked with dozens and dozens of A-listers and designers, Hung Vanngo’s Snapchat account is a behind-the-scenes look at the behind-the-scenes world of red-carpet life. Expect to see plenty of celebrity cameos (Selena Gomez has been known to show up here and there).

Name: Andrew Warren
Day job: Rich kid of Instagram and designer
Username: adwarren
Why you should follow: Don’t recognize Andrew Warren? Maybe you missed the big, splashy profile in the Times style section of Warren — aspiring fashion designer and 23-year-old son of a New York real-estate investor — and his semi-famous friends, dubbed “The Snap Pack.” If you’re looking for a window into the world of the young, rich, and ambitious, there are few as consistently entertaining.

Name: Bryan Yambao
Day job: Fashion blogger at Bryanboy
Username: bryanboy
Why you should follow: If you follow fashion, you’ve definitely heard of Bryan “Bryanboy” Yambao, the Filipino fashion blogger who’s charmed the likes of Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs into becoming a fixture in the industry. And if you don’t follow fashion, Yambao is still a chill dude. You can always use more of those.


Name: Cassey Ho
Day job: YouTuber and creator of Blogilates
Username: blogilates
Why you should follow: If you follow enough people on Snapchat, you never actually need to leave your couch. So you should probably follow someone who will motivate you to do so. Cassey Ho, the fitness guru who runs popular YouTube channel Blogilates, snaps herself eating, living, and growing her **brand** — but the reason to follow her is that she’ll yell at you to get off your ass and go to the gym.

Name: Lyzabeth Lopez
Day job: Personal trainer and holistic nutritionist
Username: lyzabethlopez
Why you should follow: Lyzabeth Lopez, proud and hardworking possessor of one of the most famous butts on social media, reveals on Snapchat exactly how she got it: by working out, a lot. If working out — or, for that matter, the butt — isn’t your thing, you might enjoy the peek behind the scenes at fitness modeling shoots.

Name: Name: Jenelle Salazar
Day job: Personal trainer and YouTuber
Username: getbodiedbyj
Why you should follow: Unless you are also an incredibly toned fitness model, Jenelle Salazar’s snaps will probably make you feel bad about yourself. (If you are an incredibly toned fitness model, text us!) In a motivational way, though. Expect updates from her daily workouts and photos of very healthy, but often disgusting-looking, food (sweet potatoes just aren’t that photogenic).

Name: Emily Skye
Day job: Fitness model and blogger
Username: emilyskyefit
Why you should follow: Emily Skye is in excellent shape and drinks a lot of smoothies and other healthy things you probably aren’t eating but should. You’ll want to follow her for that motivational kick in the pants — snaps from the gym, the beach, and a number of ab selfies that borders on gratuitous.


Name: Taco Bell
Day job: Purveyor of cheap tacos
Username: tacobell
Why you should follow: Big brands on social media tend to be cloying disasters, but Taco Bell manages to thread the needle between “faceless and impersonal” and “disturbingly thirsty.” I guess it helps that they used the account to announce the return of the “Beefy Crunch Burrito,” and who doesn’t like Beefy Crunch Burritos?

Name: Alice Zhou and Linda Chen
Day job: Food bloggers
Username: lettucedine
Why you should follow: Run by two New York City–based food bloggers, Alice Zhou and Linda Chen, Lettuce Dine shows you all of the foods that you’d rather eat instead of your sad desk salad.

Name: Levi Eirinberg
Day job: High-school freshman and teenage chef
Username: levicooks
Why you should follow: At 14, Levi Eirinberg is the youngest person on this list. The high-school freshman is a budding chef whom you might have seen during season two of Fox’s MasterChef Junior. Follow him on Snapchat for recipe inspiration, kitchen tips, and your daily dose of a 14-year-old who’s better than you at at least one thing.

Name: SortedFood
Day job: Internet food community
Username: sortedfood
Why you should follow: SortedFood is a digital cooking community full of millions just trying to find their way around the kitchen. Featuring everyone from beginner cooks to the more advanced chef, SortedCook’s Snapchat aims to make you feel a little more at home around an open flame with recipes and tips for making dishes like bruschetta, sushi burritos, and a plate of nachos sure to knock ten years off your life expectancy.

Name: Eden Grinshpan
Day job: Cooking Channel show host
Username: edeneats
Why you should follow: Grinshpan holds degrees from Le Cordon Bleu in London (and hosts Food Network shows), so you’re in good hands while watching her food-centered snaps, which include recipes and just mouthwatering glimpses of excellent food. Don’t watch on a empty stomach.

Name: The Infatuation
Day job: Restaurant review start-up
Username: infatuation
Why you should follow: The Snapchat of The Infatuation, the bro-y food blog turned restaurant-review empire, is more than just a place to find a dinner recommendation: It’s also a place to get your mouth watering, thanks to the frequent, appetite-provoking food snaps. Most recently, snap stories were 100 percent full of Coachella eats.

Name: Corey Marshall
Day job: Social-media manager
Username: missfoodieprobs
Why you should follow: Whatever Corey Marshall is eating is probably much more enticing than whatever you’re planning on ordering tonight on Seamless after giving up on trying to cook. Follow the Los Angeles–based foodie for tasty-looking snaps and, if you live in L.A., restaurant reviews.

Name: Greg Remmey and Rebecca Leigh West
Day job: Neurophysiologist and model (respectively)
Username: devourpower
Why you should follow: Greg Remmey and Rebecca Leigh West are the hungry couple behind DevourPower, a Snapchat account devoted to all things food. Greg and Rebecca eat doughnuts and take a snap. Greg and Rebecca eat tacos and take a snap. It’s a pretty foolproof system. Oh, and they also have a dog, Benny, who makes frequent cameos.

Name: Spoon University
Day job: College food blog
Username: spoontv
Why you should follow: Spoon TV, the Snapchat account for popular college food site Spoon University, is devoted to what students across the country are putting into their mouths. Food-wise, we mean. Rather than just one person’s obsessions, Spoon TV’s snaps come from a number of participating campuses, so you never know where you’re going to be when you open a snap.


Name: Adrian Grenier
Day job: Actor
Username: adrianducontra
Why you should follow: Grenier, who you might remember from his work in Entourage or his role as boyfriend/grilled-cheese-maker in The Devil Wears Prada, has been trying to refashion himself into a tech mogul, and, of course, the most important tech-mogul accessory is a good Snapchat account. Grenier, as laid-back as you might imagine, shares much of his everyday life here; highlights include yoga snaps and Grenier reliving the ‘90s, one cassette tape at a time.

Name: Paris Hilton
Day job: Heiress
Username: realparishilton
Why you should follow: 2003’s favorite hotel heiress has found a room of her own on Snapchat, where she often documents her adventures as a club DJ. Peak Paris snaps feature Hilton singing along to her 2006 hit “Stars Are Blind.” (Okay, we considered it a hit.)

Name: Kate Hudson
Day job: Actress and fitnesswear enthusiast
Username: khudsnaps
Why you should follow: Love Kate Hudson? You should follow her on Snapchat. Hate Kate Hudson? You should follow her on Snapchat. Unlike a lot of celebs who come and go on the app, the actress has really committed to using the app regularly (maybe too regularly), so there’s always something new to see. Recent highlights include a step-by-step video of Hudson cooking huevos rancheros, sped up so her voice sounded like something out of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Very hard-hitting stuff.

Name: Jared Leto
Day job: Actor
Username: jaredleto
Why you should follow: We appreciate Jared Leto’s minimalist approach to Snapchat. The actor frequently shares photos of himself covered in drawings that look like he took a selfie and then let a 10-year-old go to town on it. Also, those watery blue eyes look like a Snapchat filter all their own (Snapchat are you listening?).

Name: Heidi Montag
Day job: TV personality and designer
Username: prattheidi
Why you should follow: Ever wonder what Heidi Montag is up to this side of The Hills? Turns out California is just as sunny as ever, as Montag often points out in her daily snaps. Our personal favorites are the ones where she rides her pink bicycle around while lip-syncing to Britney Spears songs. It’s comforting to think that Heidi Montag’s life is only one click away.

Name: Chris Pratt
Day job: Actor
Username: chrisprattsnap
Why you should follow: There aren’t many celebrities more tailor-made for Snapchat, the goofiest social network, than Chris Pratt, the goofiest action star. Pratt is a recent, but excellent, addition to the celebrity Snapchat crew, mostly because he’s not trying to do anything but get a stupid laugh out of his followers. (Here’s a litmus test: Pratt recently snapped a car thermometer reading 69 degrees. Did you giggle? Chris Pratt’s Snapchat is for you.)

Name: Bob Saget
Day job: Actor
Username: bobsterclaw
Why you should follow: As if the Full House reboot wasn’t enough to rocket Saget into 2016, he’s also pretty excellent on Snapchat. Follow him if you’re into Snapchat filters, R-rated dad jokes, and the occasional reference to, well, Danny Tanner’s penis.

Name: Ryan Seacrest
Day job: TV and radio host
Username: ryanseacrest
Why you should follow: Between American Idol, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and every single awards show, Ryan Seacrest is already inescapable, so why not surrender your phone to him, too? If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, Which celebrity is Ryan Seacrest hanging out with today?, you should definitely follow him on Snapchat.

Name: Hailee Steinfeld
Day job: Singer
Username: haiz
Why you should follow: Whether it’s the other members of the Swift squad or cast mates (she recently starred in Pitch Perfect 2), there’s always something — or, more likely, someone — to see in Hailee Steinfeld’s snaps. The 19-year-old actress and singer (she’s the voice behind 2015’s catchiest masturbation anthem, “Love Myself”) is also headed on tour this summer with Meghan Trainor, so we expect lots of concert clips. Maybe too many.

Name: Chrissy Teigen
Day job: Model and cookbook author
Username: chrissyteigen
Why you should follow: Teigen, who just gave birth to daughter Luna with husband John Legend, is a shining example of how celebs can use Twitter well (or, at least, use it a lot). Her Snapchat is no exception to her A-plus social-media game: Expect snaps of her cute mom, her closet, her pups, and dishes from her cookbook, which came out earlier this year.

Kardashians and Friends

Name: Jen Atkin
Day job: Celebrity hairstylist
Username: jenatkinhair
Why you should follow: If you’ve ever wondered how to get your hair to look just like a Kardashian’s, Jen Atkin is your answer. But since you’re probably not a celebrity (or reality star, or walking brand, or legend on Earth, or whatever Kardashian family members technically are), watching her snaps is the next best thing. Atkin offers styling and product advice — and, of course, celebrity cameos.

Name: Joyce Bonelli
Day job: Makeup artist
Username: joyce_bonelli
Why you should follow: Yet another one of the makeup artists behind the Kardashian empire (Bonelli also works with plenty of other A-listers, including Nicki Minaj), Joyce Bonelli’s snaps show what days are like when many of your waking hours are spent trailing Kris Jenner with an iPhone in hand.

Name: Mario Dedivanovic
Day job: Makeup artist
Username: makeupbymario
Why you should follow: Longtime makeup artist of Kim Kardashian, Mario Dedivanovic knows how to create the perfect glam look and regularly documents them on Snapchat. But his snaps are also surprisingly useful for those of us who aren’t, you know, Kardashians. Watch for product recommendations, tips, and a lot of selfies.

Name: Bella Hadid
Day job: Model
Username: babybels777
Why you should follow: If you didn’t get enough of Yolanda Foster’s home on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, her daughter Bella’s Snapchat will help satiate you. And if L.A. real estate isn’t enough, you’ll get plenty of selfies, shots of famous friends (she’s pretty tight with Kylie and Kendall), and appearances by her boyfriend, the Weeknd.

Name: Gigi Hadid
Day job: Model
Username: itsgigihadid
Why you should follow: And, because one Hadid is never enough, you should also follow Bella’s older and slightly more famous sister Gigi, the model. When she’s not snapping family (the Kardashians or her own), she’s been known to share a few shots of a One Directioner or two.

Name: Kylie Jenner
Day job: Model and lip-kit peddler
Username: kylizzlmynizzl
Why you should follow: The youngest member of House Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie Jenner uses her Snapchat to expand her family’s hold on all media. If Keeping Up With the Kardashians requires too much of your attention (or if you can’t get enough), this is the account for you. Expect a lot of pouty faces, whispering into the camera, and envy-inducing backdrops of gorgeous scenery.

Name: Khloé Kardashian
Day job: Being a Kardashian
Username: khloekardashian
Why you should follow: Khloé just joined Snapchat, which in most cases would mean we wouldn’t recommend her. But, well, she’s a Kardashian, which means you can trust her Snapchat to be consistently engaging: Lately, she’s been snapping herself with her ex, basketball player Lamar Odom, only to announce to her Snapchat followers that they’re not back together. Who needs TMZ?

Name: Kim Kardashian West
Day job: Internet breaker
Username: kimkardashian
Why you should follow: You’re either already following her, planning on doing so soon, or are entirely refusing to do so. Honestly, what could we even say that would change your mind?

Name: Rob Kardashian
Day job: Fiancé of Blac Chyna
Username: robphuckedme
Why you should follow: Much like the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Rob’s snaps are an unscripted look at what life is like as a member of the First Family of Reality Television. Or as close to unscripted as you can get. In case you don’t, you know, keep up with the Kardashians, here’s what you’ll need to know before watching his snaps. Rob is engaged to Blac Chyna. Blac Chyna is also the ex-girlfriend of Kylie Jenner’s on-again/off-again boyfriend Tyga, and the two women notoriously don’t get along.

Name: Patrick Ta
Day job: Makeup artist
Username: patricktta
Why you should follow: If you’re not hanging out with Gigi Hadid but wish you were, you should follow Patrick Ta on Snapchat. If you are hanging out with Gigi Hadid, you probably are already in some of Patrick Ta’s snaps. The celeb makeup artist regularly posts from sessions with Hadid, the Kardashian clan, and Shay Mitchell, to name just a few.

Name: Tyga
Day job: Rapper
Username: lamboluxury
Why you should follow: If you’re not getting enough Kylie from Kylie’s own Snapchat, go to the next best source: her boyfriend’s. Tyga goes by lamboluxury on Snapchat, and that is about all you need to know; when he’s not snapping Kylie, you’ll get cars.


Name: A-Trak
Day job: DJ
Username: atrak
Why you should follow: A-Trak’s snap game offers a little bit of everything: selfies, pictures of what he’s eating, snippets from hanging out with his parents, updates from the hair salon (he recently bleached his whole head and snapped the process), and, of course, plenty of concert content.

Name: Justin Bieber
Day job: Singer, rapper, Canadian troublemaker
Username: rickthesizzler
Why you should follow: Justin Bieber is the kind of celebrity you follow not because you want to, but because you have to — after all, don’t you want a front-row seat to the next stupid and controversial thing he does? Which should happen in approximately five minutes.

Name: Chance the Rapper
Day job: Rapper
Username: theacidrapper
Why you should follow: Chance the Rapper (or “Chance the Snapper,” as he’s known on the app) uses Snapchat to keep his fans wanting more. While he hasn’t released an album since Acid Rap in 2013, he’s been known to drop clips of his new music on Snapchat.

Name: Diplo
Day job: DJ
Username: diplo
Why you should follow: If you’re watching one of Diplo’s snaps, be prepared to adjust your volume: The DJ frequently snaps from his concerts, which means bass-heavy jams and screaming crowds. But, maybe more important, he also snaps his kids a lot — and they’re very cute.

Name: Ariana Grande
Day job: Singer
Username: moonlightbae
Why you should follow: She sings. She dances. She licks doughnuts. She does a mean Celine Dion impersonation. And sometimes she even does these things on Snapchat.

Name: Rihanna
Day job: Singer, designer, being Rihanna
Username: rihanna
Why you should follow: What’s there to say that hasn’t already been said? While lots of celebs have huge Snapchat followings just because they’re famous, Rihanna is among a dozen or so who really, truly understand what it means to be good at Snapchat. “Rihanna’s Snapchat is a flurry of real-life gems in which she floats through life, often hilariously, like a goddess,” wrote Myles Tanzer for Vogue.

Name: Rick Ross
Day job: Rapper
Username: ferrarifatboy
Why you should follow: One part LOL and one part NSFW (okay, maybe a few parts NSFW), Rick Ross’s Snapchat is full of delightful surprises, like the time he showed off matching ankle monitors with Meek Mill.

Name: Meghan Trainor
Day job: Singer
Username: mtrainor22
Why you should follow: It’s not hugely surprising that Meghan Trainor is an avid Snapchatter, since she is, after all, 22. What’s maybe a little surprising is that her Snapchat account is good: Watch her snaps to get a glimpse into what goes on inside the recording studio.

Name: Vashtie Kola
Day job: Model, artist, and DJ
Username: vashtiekola
Why you should follow: Vashtie Kola is something of a chameleon. The New York–based artist has done everything from designing shoes for Nike to directing a music video for Justin Bieber. Expect a range of content, from what she’s eating for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon to where she’s rocking out on a Saturday night. Weirdly, it’s the more everyday snaps that are our favorites.

Name: Zendaya
Day job: Singer and very cool teen
Username: zendaya_96
Why you should follow: The 19-year-old Disney star turned activist (and member of Taylor Swift’s squad) pairs glam snaps with more everyday fare, like Zendaya driving around town. Or, rather, Zendaya snapping from the passenger’s seat as her mother drives her around town.

Snapchat Stars

Name: Shaun Ayala
Day job: Marketing manager
Username: shaunayala
Why you should follow: Ayala’s whole career is built around Snapchat. That’s how good he is. He treats his snaps not just as photos or videos but as interactive games (followers can snap him back to play), with characters like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. And don’t be surprised to see appearances from other Snapchat stars in Ayala’s weekly stories.

Name: Tristan de Burgh
Day job: Snapchat influencer
Username: tristantales
Why you should follow: If you’re looking for a quick dose of daily comedy, Tristan de Burgh’s your guy. His snaps usually tell some kind of outlandish story, like his recent safari through a Whole Foods. It, uh, definitely doesn’t hurt that he’s not terrible to look at.

Name: Danny Berk
Day job: Snapchat influencer and semi-pro surger
Username: dannyberk
Why you should follow: A relative new kid on the Snapchat block, Danny Berk is poised to be the next big thing in ten seconds or less. (He was nominated for a Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year in 2016.) A semi-pro surfer, add him on Snapchat to see what your life would look like if your life involved going to the beach a lot more than it probably does.

Name: CJ
Day job: Flight student and barista
Username: operamericano
Why you should follow: OperAmericano’s identity is a secret, but that hasn’t stopped her from racking up tons of fans on Snapchat. A big part of her appeal is a series she created called “What’s That Tune Tuesday,” where OperAmericano will sing a snippet of a song and fans will send her snaps back to guess what she’s singing. As with many of her fellow Snapchatters, she’s also a way better doodler than you are.

Name: Brittany Furlan
Day job: Vine star
Username: brittanyjfurlan
Why you should follow: Brittany Furlan is one of the top female Vine stars; millions of fans follow her on the video app to watch her six-second clips. So you can imagine that her Snapchat stories are similarly beloved. And, well, she’s actually funny, even to grown-ups: Her comedic timing is spot-on. (Plus, if you’re a fan of all of those cute Vine star boys, you’re in luck — they tend to show up.)

Name: Sara Hopkins
Day job: Vine star and social influencer
Username: sayhop
Why you should follow: Hopkins, a Vine star, is one of the new generation of comedians whose short videos occupy the universe of “relatable” humor — what older stand-ups might’ve called “observational” humor. Ever gone to Target to get just one thing and ended up with six? Hopkins has a snap for you. She also has an excellent dog, Chico.

Name: Mark Kaye
Day job: Radio host
Username: markkaye
Why you should follow: This Florida radio personality hosts an all-Snapchat show called Talking’ Snap! where he interviews celebrities and other Snapchatters. He calls himself “the Jimmy Fallon of Snapchat.” We’re not sure we’d go that far, but he did interview Kevin Jonas once. Plus, who else would the Jimmy Fallon of Snapchat be?

Name: Taylor Nikolai
Day job: Social-media influencer
Username: taylor.nikolai
Why you should follow: If you like nice, clean corny dad jokes, Taylor Nikolai will give you (at least) one a day. You used to need to eat a whole Popsicle to get a good corny joke; now you can just check Nikolai’s stories.

Name: Mike Platco
Day job: Snapchat storyteller
Username: mplatco
Why you should follow: Mike Platco’s colorful, beautifully drawn Snapchat stories are like giant crossover episodes featuring your favorite characters from across TV and film: Batman! Cat-Dog! Harry Potter! Josh, uh, Groban?

Name: Evan Garber
Day job: Snapchat influencer
Username: emgarber
Why you should follow: Garber, a former mechanical engineer, became a full-time Snapchatter after getting laid off from his job in 2014. His intricately drawn Snapchats make him one of the service’s most in-demand artists, but his elaborate projects are what make him worth following — like this excellent live re-creation of the classic N64 game Goldeneye, done in collaboration with Shaun McBride.

Name: Frankie Greek
Day job: Social-media manager
Username: wtfrankie
Why you should follow: A self-described “problem child” and “internet human,” it seems Frankie Greek lives her whole life online. Her day job as a social-media manager in New York City means Greek is rarely without her phone, so expect to see daily snaps as Greek updates her followers on what she’s up to, whether that’s visiting friends in Los Angeles or giving live updates from her morning subway ride. With a head of hot-pink hair, she’s hard to miss.

Name: Branden Harvey
Day job: Travel photographer
Username: brandenharvey
Why you should follow: Harvey calls Nashville home, but don’t expect to see a lot of Tennessee snaps: The photographer (who first gained thousands of fans on Instagram before joining Snapchat) snaps from wherever he is — on a train to nearby states, or jet-setting around the globe. Come for the wanderlust, stay for Harvey’s insane hairstyle.


Name: Kate McCully
Day job: Travel blogger at Adventurous Kate
Username: adventurouskate
Why you should follow: After building a name for herself as a solo female travel blogger, McCully has settled down in Manhattan. She hasn’t stopped having adventures, though — they’re just a little smaller-scale. Watch as she wanders New York City doing all the things you’ve wanted to do but have never gotten around to doing. Read: eat one of those stupid rainbow bagels.

Name: Kiersten Rich
Day job: Travel blogger at the Blonde Abroad
Username: theblondeabroad
Why you should follow: This is the Snapchat arm of Kiersten Rich’s popular travel blog, the Blonde Abroad. Watch as Rich eats, swims, and selfies her way across the globe. She’s visited more than 50 countries and is currently snapping (and drinking a lot of wine) from South Africa.

Venture Capital and Tech

Name: Justin Kan
Day job: Partner at Y Combinator
Username: justinkan
Why you should follow: Like many entrepreneurs, Justin Kan, a partner at Y Combinator, holds Q&A sessions and offers professional guidance to aspiring investors. It’s just that instead of limiting his mentorship sessions to colleagues, he does it all over Snapchat. He recently hired a “Snap God” to help him grow his presence on the app, so we’re expecting big things.

Name: Mark Suster
Day job: Partner at Upfront Ventures
Username: msuster
Why you should follow: Thousands of venture capitalists, investors, engineers, and techies tune in every day to see what venture capitalist Mark Suster is up to on Snapchat. Suster’s daily stories, which he calls “SnapStorms,” provide real-time advice for anyone looking to change the world, make a mint off the tech industry, or both.

Name: Hunter Walk
Day job: Partner at Homebrew
Username: hunterwalk
Why you should follow: Walk is another of Snapchat’s most exotic species: the venture-capitalist user, who picks up the app to see what’s occupying people on their phones. Follow him to see what a typical business day looks like; expect, also, jokes (see this blog entry he wrote about how Amazon Echo is turning his kid into an “asshole”).

Name: Gary Vaynerchuk
Day job: CEO of VaynerMedia
Username: garyvee
Why you should follow: Gary Vaynerchuk is an aggressive Snapchat user: There seem to be very few moments in his day that the venture capitalist, and host of YouTube’s #AskGaryVee Show, doesn’t share on Snapchat. But if you can handle it, you’re rewarded with substantial discussions of business tactics, and, also, somebody who can shove a banana into his mouth at record speed.

The Snapchat 101