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This Kickstarter Raised Over $100,000 Selling Nothing But Big Copper Balls

For $119 you could buy a lot of things: a train ticket! A decent set of headphones! If you have it in singles you could buy 119 bags of barbecue chips from the office vending machine! Or you could spend $119 bucks on a 2.2 pound copper ball that does effectively nothing.

If you decide to go the copper-ball route, you’ll be in good company. Right now, more than $100,000 has been raised on Kickstarter by people very jazzed about the idea of owning a big ball of copper, or “trance sphere” as they’ve been artistically branded by their creator, Rudy Marsh.

So why exactly would anybody need a, uh, trance sphere?

The largest solid piece of metal you will own, in a pure brilliant hue. The perfect conversation starter. A great educational, elemental piece of art. A dense metal sphere that feels good in the hand. A perfect focus “structure” for meditation.

Here’s a snap buying-guide to copper balls: This seems like a great copper ball to buy. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you could ball up all of the aluminum foil in your kitchen, and let that be the largest piece of solid metal you own.

Kickstarter Raises Thousands Selling Copper Balls