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Trump Says the Only Thing Clinton Has Going Is the ‘Woman’s Card’

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Election Night Gathering In Manhattan
Tell us, Donald, what is the “woman’s card?” Photo: Spencer Platt/2016 Getty Images

Hillary Clinton had quite the successful Tuesday, winning four of the night’s five Democratic primaries and adding significantly to her delegate count. But Donald Trump — the man who, unless something very unexpected happens, will be her opponent in the general election — doesn’t see it that way. In his view, “Crooked Hillary” hasn’t gotten this far with voters because of her policies or her debate performances or her campaign strategy. No — Clinton is only here because she’s successfully deployed the “woman’s card.” 

Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5 percent of the vote,” the GOP front-runner said during a press conference at Trump Tower following his own set of victories Tuesday night. “She would be a horrible president. The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card.”

What exactly the “woman’s card” is — a greeting card? A business card? A get-out-of-street-harassment-free card? — Trump did not say. He did, however, suggest it would not be effective on other women. “The beautiful thing is that women don’t like her,” he said. “And look at how well I did with women tonight.”

He went on to describe the presidency as a sort of triathlon that Clinton isn’t equipped to handle. “Hillary does not have the strength or stamina to deal with China or other things,” he said. “She will not be good with a military. I think she’s going to be much easier to beat than most of the 16 people I competed with.”

Clinton, of course, addressed his remarks in her own victory speech.

And even Chris Christie’s wife looked annoyed.

Who’s excited for the general election?

Trump Says Clinton Is Playing the ‘Woman’s Card’