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Vogue UK Asks Dumb Question on Twitter, Gets Amazing Response

On Wednesday, Vogue UK posed a simple question on Twitter: “Who said that Kendall [Jenner] and Gigi [Hadid] are not ‘true supermodels’?”

The answer Vogue was looking for was “Rebecca Romijn,” who actually said, in the linked article, that Jenner and Hadid are not “true supermodels.”

The answer it got: everyone.”

Everyone on Twitter agrees: “Everyone” says Kendall and Gigi aren’t supermodels.

The hits just keep on coming.

BuzzFeed’s Grace Spelman points out that Jenner and Hadid, queens of social media elsewhere, are immensely disliked in the intense world of modeling fandom:

Kylie and Gigi Aren’t “Supermodels,” Says Everyone