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Watch Videos and Your Face at the Same Time With This Sick Smart Mirror

Finally a piece of technology that will let you look at your face while watching the new X-Men trailer.

A smart mirror created by engineer Ryan Newlan is blowing up on Reddit today, thanks to a video Newlan posted on YouTube earlier this week.

In the video, Newlan demonstrates how his mirror lets him stream videos from Reddit, control his thermostat with Nest, and hail an Uber.

The mirror can even tell when Newlan is using one finger versus two fingers. Watch as he turns the volume up and down using a two-finger gesture.

So is it real?

On one hand, this isn’t the first smart mirror (I’ve been drooling over this one since January). But on the other, Newlan said on Reddit he’d be updating his Medium page with his building process and that page remains entirely blank.

Still, a girl can hope. Until then, I’m stuck taking the subway because the thought of ordering an Uber anywhere but my mirror now depresses me.

Stream Video and Hail Ubers With This Smart Mirror