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Elderly Woman Accidentally Prays to Video-Game Statue

In on-the-nose news: An elderly woman in Shanghai this week was spotted bowing to a life-size statue of Garen, one of the characters in League of Legends. According to lore, he is “the pride of the Demacian military and leader of the Dauntless Vanguard.” So that’s cool.

Shanghaiist points out that the statue “bears quite the resemblance to Lord Guan, a Chinese general during the Three Kingdoms period, immortalized in one of China’s most famous books, and turned into a god.” And where centuries-old spiritual traditions and aggressive marketing campaigns collide, you get extremely viral stories.

That being said, if this woman is the first person to genuflect before a League of Legends character, then I’m the king of England.

Photo: Weibo
Woman Accidentally Prays to Video-Game Statue