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Uber Driver Sues Snapchat Over Selfie-Driven Car Accident

Snapchat is fun. Snapchat is great. Snapchat definitely isn’t meant to be used while driving at insane speeds just so you can impress your friends.

In September, Georgia Uber driver Wentworth Maynard was hit by a woman named Christal McGee, who was allegedly driving 107 mph so she could send her friends a Snapchat, CNN reports.

In case you don’t snap regularly, Snapchat has a built-in filter that shows you how fast you are going while taking a selfie.

It looks like this. (Please note this selfie was taken by an airplane passenger and not somebody operating a motor vehicle.)

Now Maynard is suing both McGee and Snapchat for damages. Following the accident, he spent several weeks in intensive care for a traumatic brain injury and is currently unable to work.

His lawyers claim that Snapchat’s speed filter encourages risky driving because people will drive as fast as they can just to take a snap. (We thought this went without saying, but please don’t do this.) Snapchat did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

It’s worth noting that when you first use the speed filter on Snapchat, there is a warning against snapping and driving. And just last week, Snapchat ran a special filter promoting motor safety.

Oh, and one more thing. If you are ever involved in a car accident allegedly caused by your Snapchat-induced speeding, maybe don’t take a selfie of your bloody face while you’re being transported from the scene on a gurney with the caption “Lucky to be alive,” which is what McGee did, according to Fox 19.

You can get a closer look at that selfie here or below.

Uber Driver Sues Snapchat Over Selfie Accident