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The Yankees Respond to John Oliver’s Trolling, Name a Dragon and a Dinosaur ‘Fans of the Game’

Through the Yankees’ first two home games, John Oliver’s ticket stunt had resulted in two Ninja Turtles, a couple of Left Sharks, and a pair of unicorns sitting in prime seats behind home plate. It all began with Oliver’s show last Sunday, when he did a segment on the team’s controversial new ticket policy that focused in particular on comments made by the team’s COO, who said earlier this year that fans in premium seats don’t like it when tickets near them sell for less than they paid, adding, “And quite frankly, the fan may be someone who has never sat in a premium location.” In response, Oliver announced that his show had bought a bunch of premium tickets for opening week and would be selling them for just 25 cents each to contest winners who tweeted with the hashtag #IHaveNeverSatInAPremiumLocation and a photo of their proposed game attire. And after Thursday’s winners once again showed up in ridiculous outfits — a dragon and a dinosaur this time — the team responded to Oliver with a message on the scoreboard.

According to the Daily News, yesterday’s winners were Chris Chestnut (who wore a purple dragon costume) and Nick Turchak (who dressed as a green dinosaur). The two were frat brothers at Villanova and are now roommates in Hoboken. They arrived late for the game, but, like Tuesday’s Ninja Turtles, they were visible from the main centerfield camera:

The Yankees are on the road starting today, but before their homestand ended, the team acknowledged Oliver on the centerfield scoreboard, naming Turchak and Chestnut the “fans of the game” and putting up this message:

It’s the last word for now — at least until Oliver airs his next episode this weekend.

The Yankees Respond to John Oliver’s Trolling