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An Intern Caught Napping Became the Subject of a Photoshop War

As someone who has been in the workforce for approximately three weeks, I am very qualified to give the following advice: Don’t fall asleep at work. And in case that’s not enough to compel you to stay awake, just ask this intern at ad agency iris Worldwide in Atlanta, who nodded off Tuesday afternoon and awoke to find himself the subject of an office Photoshop battle.

One of his co-workers shared the edited nap pictures on Reddit, which was where we spotted them.

He makes a pretty compelling Leia.

Our team doesn’t typically fall asleep on the job, but our office does have a lot of comfortable seating options and we occasionally play some Enya, so it was bound to happen eventually,” the co-worker told me, via email.

Luckily for the intern, nobody at the office seemed to be too miffed by his mid-afternoon snooze.

It all happened within about ten minutes,” his co-worker also said. “Everyone was enjoying the break in the grind for a good laugh.”

Still, this isn’t the first time a conked-out intern has become fodder for the internet (remember this guy?). Interns, take note, and maybe order yourself an extra latte on the next coffee run you are forced to make.

Intern Hilariously Photoshopped Napping at Work