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Thousands of People Watched This Car Get a Parking Ticket on Facebook Live

Last Tuesday, Brent Weinbach and Doug Lussenhop posted up at 1236 South Orange Drive in Los Angeles and waited for a car to get a parking ticket.

The Nissan Leaf, which was parked illegally on the right side of the street, eventually got a ticket after roughly half an hour of waiting around. As someone who recently received a parking ticket from the City of New York, this is relatable as hell. This is what hot social viral content is all about — I saw them get the parking ticket and I was like, “Damn … coulda been me getting that ticket. If I lived in L.A.”

There is, I think, an inclination to turn Facebook Live into another TV channel, but some, like Super Deluxe, which broadcast the parking-ticket video, are finding ways to use the format in the same way that we use the internet. Watching the ticket livestream isn’t like tuning in to a show, it’s like surfing the web, waiting for something to happen, waiting for something funny to pop up in your feed.

“People are on the internet anyway,” Lussenhop told LAist. He’s right! We’re on the internet doing stupid mundane things and there’s nothing you can do.

Thousands Watched Livestream of Parking Ticket