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Why the Internet Is Throwing Jars of Pickles Into the Bathtub

Okay, adults, gather ‘round and listen closely. I am going to teach you how to build the internet’s wettest meme: the Bath Bomb.

Step one: Pick an object. (Any object: An iPod. Slices of American cheese. A bonsai tree. The urn holding your dead aunt Rose. Anything.)

Step two: Fill your bathtub with water and say, “I love my Lush bath bomb.”

Step three: Throw whatever piece of crap you’ve selected into the tub.

Congratulations: You have officially made yourself a bath bomb. In case you’re still lacking for inspiration or not getting the joke (Mom), here are a few more choice examples.

A tree bath bomb.

A Jesus bath bomb.

Ramen bath bomb. Are you getting it now?

A brief explanation: In late 2014, according to the authoritative Know Your Meme, people on Tumblr got in the habit of posting pictures and videos of themselves throwing Lush bath bombs (scented soaplike products that turn your water fizzy) into their tubs. Because this was Tumblr, the obstinately weird parodies were only a few steps behind. The Bath Bomb meme has been simmering for the last year, only to, for whatever reason, explode over the last week or so.

Please bomb responsibly.

Why the Internet Is Throwing Jars in the Bath