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In a Bid to Fight Street Harassment, Prospect Heights Construction Crews to Don Color-Coded Hard Hats

Construction workers building the Pacific Park complex in Prospect Heights are harassing enough passersby that they’ll all have to wear color-coded hard hats to make filing complains easier. Workers from four different companies are stationed at the site, and according to DNAInfo, they must now don hats with colored labels and carry ID badges that correspond to the company they’re working for.

A sign posted at the entrance explains which color belongs to which company — for example, people employed by Tishman Construction will wear hats with orange labels and carry orange badges. Now, if you happen to be harassed by a worker at the site, filing a complaint has never been simpler: Just tell the officer which color hat the harasser was wearing, and the complaint can be easily sent through the correct channels.

Anyone wishing to make a complaint about behavior at the site can call the Pacific Park community liaison’s office at 866-923-5315.

This post has been edited after publication for clarity.

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