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Dad Welcomes Newborn Baby by Re-creating Iconic Scene from The Lion King

Most kids have to wait until they are at least old enough to say “Ellen DeGeneres” before going viral. But baby Kaiori Ayotunde Omautan Wusu is already making a name for herself online, thanks to her inventive dad, and a “Circle of Life” parody that stars her as baby Simba.

Following her birth at the end of April, Kaiori’s dad (sans shirt) re-created the classic Lion King scene, complete with a smear of cocoa butter on his daughter’s forehead and hospital staffers jumping around excitedly as stand-ins for the animals of the Sahara.

Now, more than 40,000 have watched the family’s video on YouTube. (Not to mention the several freebooted versions that are making the rounds on Facebook.)

For those of you that don’t have an adorable newborn lying around, a cat makes a decent substitute if you’re feeling inspired.

Dad and Newborn Re-create The Lion King