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Dog’s GoPro Photography Is the Only Good Use of a GoPro

Photo: @caninehappyhour

GoPro photography, which consists mostly of extreme athletes strapping the tiny cameras to their chests or helmets and jumping off cliffs and out of helicopters, can get a little monotonous. (Plus, it’s so 2010. Did you hear about the guys Snapchatting their way up Everest? Much cooler.) Unless, of course, you are a dog. Then it’s amazing.

Tula, a 4-year-old rescue dog from Minnesota, is the canine artist who, with a little help from her human owner Susie Kixmoeller, runs the Instagram account Canine Happy Hour. Susie puts a GoPro on Tula’s collar and sets her free in a local dog park. While the dog roams, the camera takes thousands of photos, which Susie and her family later comb through to decide what to share with Tula’s nearly 7,000 Instagram followers.

Susie told the Washington Post she originally wanted to take the photos herself. “But the thing about when they [the dogs] are playing together is that if I get close enough to actually capture it well, they’re going to stop playing, and they’re going to look at me because I’m too close to them,” she said.

The results are impressive, given that Tula is, you know, a dog. (Though the family notes that many of the photos are blurry and totally unusable.) Still, the ones that are in focus are nothing short of adorable. (Unless you hate dogs. But if you’ve read this far, I’ll assume that’s not the case.)

The Kixmoellers aren’t the first to put a GoPro on a pooch. Back in 2015, we strapped GoPros to five different dogs to get some perspective on what New York City looks like through the eyes of man’s best friend. You can check those out here.

Dog’s GoPro Photography Is the Best Use of a GoPro