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Don’t Try Eating Corn With a Power Drill Unless You Want to Bald Yourself

Last week, this video of a guy eating an ear of corn using an electric drill went viral on Reddit.

And now I’d like to formally dispel any recommendation that using power tools is an effective corn-eating hack. Because, based on a new video that’s making the rounds on Facebook, it seems like a pretty terrible idea. Especially if you have any intentions of keeping your hair.

Of course, it’s possible this video is an elaborate hoax. (On the internet? Shocking!) But if it’s not, that had to really hurt.

Fortunately the doctor said the hair will grow normally within a period of six months,” explains the video’s caption on YouTube. While we can’t verify that, we’re hoping for the woman’s sake it’s true. If not, at least Snapchat has that great hat filter these days.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Corn With a Power Drill