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Finally, a Device That Lets You Send the Smelly Text Messages You’ve Longed For

Texting is great, but there are only so many times you can send the crap emoji before you realize that there’s just something … missing. If you really want to spice things up, for $170 you can buy a snazzy device called a Cyrano that emits different scents when you message your friends.

Produced by Vapor Communications, Cyrano is described as a “digital scent speaker and mood modification platform.” It works with an app, oNotes, which lets users choose when, and which scents, the device releases. Options range from pine and peppermint to suntan lotion and Bellinis. The device itself costs $150 and the scent packs cost an additional $20.

Photo: Vapor Communication/Vapor Communication

Scents are released in short bursts, which Vapor Communications says help stave off “the olfactory fatigue associated with traditional scent technology, such as candles and air fresheners.” (Okay. Sure.) The device can be programmed to release smells in conjunction with your music library. (May we suggest “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”) You can also use Cyrano without the app as, basically, a glorified and very pricey air freshener. And if you and a friend both have one, you can send each other scented messages. (Nothing says “LOL” like the fresh smell of pine trees, am I right?)

Or you could save yourself several hundred dollars and light a Yankee Candle before you start texting or listening to music. The choice is yours.

This Weird Device Lets You Send Scented Texts