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Google Is Hiring Drivers for Its Self-Driving Cars, So, Really, Google Is Just Hiring ‘Sitters’

Photo: Noah Berger/Getty Images

If you’re an unemployed, licensed driver living in the Phoenix, Arizona, area and are comfortable spending several hours a day behind a steering wheel that you can’t touch, Google might just have the perfect job for you.

The company is hiring “vehicle safety specialists” for its self-driving car program. Specialists will be expected to drive between six and eight hours a day, work both independently and with a small team, and “be open to travel.” (Um, duh.) It’s worth noting that earlier this year one of Google’s self-driving cars in California was involved in a low-speed accident involving a bus. But, hey, they are paying $20 an hour.

To apply, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, as well as the ability to type a minimum of 40 words per minute. Let no one say that Google’s car sitters are underqualified.

Want to Get Paid to Sit in a Driverless Car?