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Hope You Can Still Remember Your Myspace Password, Because You Need to Change It

If you joined Myspace prior to 2013 (that is, the years when people were actually still joining Myspace) your information may have been compromised. The site’s parent company, Time, Inc., announced last week that it had been informed that a number of emails, user names, and passwords associated with Myspace accounts were being sold online.

While the company did not specify how many people were affected by the breach, a blog post from the hacker forum “Leaked Source” notes that upward of 350 million records were involved. The post also lists the top 50 passwords associated with the hack, which includes very original passwords of a mid-2000s vintage, like “blink182” and “50cent.”

This is just the latest in what is starting to feel like a never-ending string of hacks. Earlier today, Tumblr announced the platform had been hacked to the tune of 65 million user names and passwords. And LinkedIn has made headlines of late for an information breach involving over 100 million users. (Which followed a different breach involving six million passwords in 2012.)

Myspace says it is working to solve the issue and has already invalidated the passwords of users who were hacked, TechCrunch reports. They are also working with authorities to catch the culprit, who the company believes is Russian cyber-hacker “Peace,” who has also been linked with the recent LinkedIn and Tumblr breaches.

In addition to changing their Myspace passwords, the company is recommending that users who have similar passwords on other websites reset those too. So go change your password, cringe at things you thought were cool in 2005, and maybe shake up your top eight while you’re at it. I’m guessing it has been a while.

Myspace Hack Could Put Millions at Risk