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How to Get the Secret Dalmatian Snapchat Filter Maybe Inspired by Kim Kardashian

Photo: sineadcauserxx/Twitter

Last week, professional internet-breaker Kim Kardashian said on her Snapchat story that she was over the regular puppy filter and casually mentioned wanting a dalmatian one instead. This week, Snapchat quietly released a new, double-dog filter, but it’s a little tricky to find. We’re not saying, we’re just saying.

To use the filter, grab a friend and fire up Snapchat (the filter only works with two people). Tap the screen like you are taking a normal selfie with the dog filter, which now seems sad and boring compared to its spotted counterpart. Once you see the usual brown dog ears and nose on your face, have your friend get into the frame. A dalmatian filter will snap over their face.

Happy snapping! (Remember, filters come and go on a daily basis, so this one might disappear at some point.)

Snapchat Has a Secret Dalmatian Filter