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This Giant Taco Head Is the Worst Snapchat Filter I’ve Ever Seen

Like teens and young adults across the country, I check Snapchat every morning, hoping to be entertained, or, at the very least, distracted.

Today, I was horrified.

In, I guess, honor of Cinco de Mayo, Taco Bell has a sponsored filter on Snapchat that turns your face into a giant taco and pours hot sauce over your shell-wearing head, while flames shoot from your eyebrows.

It’s terrifying. It is the worst Snapchat filter I have ever seen. It’s less face-on-a-taco (funny!) than dying-soul-trapped-eternally-inside-a-taco (existentially troubling!). This is what would happen if you were cursed by a witch sponsored by Yum! Brands. It doesn’t help that the tortilla surface resembles a very bad skin condition.

And yet … it has the can’t-look-away quality of all great train wrecks. And it’s kind of like a taco-version of those old Gushers ads where the cool kids ate Gushers and their heads turned into giant watermelons and oranges. And who didn’t want to be one of those kids?

Since I have a giant taco for a brain, please help me decide by voting in this very official poll.


Giant Taco Head Is The Worst Snapchat Filter Ever