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10-Year-Old Wins $10,000 for Hacking Instagram, Buys Football and Bike

A Finnish 10-year-old named Jani is officially the youngest person Facebook has paid through their Bug Bounty Program (a rewards program that pays people to find problems and weaknesses in Facebook’s code), usurping the title previously held by a 13-year-old.

That means $10,000 for proving he could successfully delete comments from other Instagram users (that included Justin Bieber, Jani told Iltalehti, as translated by Forbes.) The glitch has since been repaired, a Facebook rep also told Forbes.

It’s worth noting that at 10, Jani is technically not old enough to use Facebook or Instagram, as per each company’s terms of service. (Minimum user age for both platforms is 13.)

Jani says his plans for his windfall include purchasing a football and a bicycle. It’s good to know what you want.

10-Year-Old Wins $10,000 for Hacking Instagram