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Look at This Dumb Bus

If you are interested in the future of transportation, then you’ll love this new bus. Developed in China, this elevated bus theoretically straddles roadways and cars to zoom past them. It seems pretty neat.

There are some pros to this rolling death trap. For one thing, it is — according to the people who invented it and are trying to sell it — much cheaper to construct and operate than a subway. Sure. Secondly, this thing is going to scare the bejesus out of drivers.

From CityLab:

The bus would span two traffic lanes and carry up to 1,400 passengers. It would travel up to 40 miles an hour above street level on a special track, allowing regular cars under 7 feet high to freely pass underneath. (As a extra touch, its underbelly even simulates the sky.)

That being said, a few things:

1) That’s not a bus at all. That’s just a weird-looking train. It’s on rails. That’s, like, the definition of a train. It’s a funky train, for sure, but it’s definitely a train. I’m 100% on this. Train. Not bus.

2) This thing looks great as a toy model and in practice seems like a deathtrap that will revolutionize not only transportation but also the way in which your life is ended prematurely.

Best of luck to the people making this ridiculous bus-train, which will never actually exist.

Look at This Dumb Bus