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Don’t Worry: Guy With Instagram-Inspired Tattoo Is Fine After Logo Change

Photo: npyskater/Instagram

Instagram got a new logo yesterday and app loyalists immediately freaked out about the change. And while change is always hard — especially when logos change — it’s possible nobody had bigger cause for concern than Gregorio Feliciano, a 27-year-old Florida man who four years ago had a version of the now-passé logo tattooed to his arm.

“It’s a simple camera design with what most people do identify as the Instagram logo stripes,” Feliciano told me via Twitter DM. “I actually got them because of the old Polaroid cameras that had stripes on them, but it’s also a modern twist on Instagram.” (The earliest version of Instagram logo, designed by CEO Kevin Systrom in 2010, was actually a tiny Polaroid camera, colored stripes included.)

He said that people assume “all the time” that the tattoo (which is Feliciano’s fifth and favorite) is the Instagram logo. “I tell people, ‘sure, yeah, it’s from Instagram,’ just because it’s what most people know,” he explained. “When I say it’s an old vintage camera, they don’t know what I’m talking about.”

As for his thoughts on Instagram’s newly redesigned look, Feliciano says its “neat,” but that he definitely won’t be getting it inked on his body.

Man Doesn’t Regret Instagram Logo-Inspired Tattoo