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Man Uses Facebook Live to Stream His Wife Giving Birth

It stands to reason that if Facebook can be used to livestream crime and tragedy, it can also be used to livestream more heartwarming things. Even if those things are not, exactly, what you might expect to find on Facebook early on a Monday. Like, say, this California man using Facebook Live to stream the birth of his son.

It’s not particularly graphic, but the 45-minute video takes you inside the delivery room as Fakamalo Kihe Eiki cheers on his wife (“good, good, good!”) who is busy, you know, pushing a tiny human out of her body.

The comments on the video are refreshingly positive. “You can do it, PUSSSSH,” writes one commenter. (Who was, in case you’ve forgotten, watching a woman give birth, live, via the internet.)

As of right now the video only has about 2,500 views (and counting), so it hasn’t exactly reached exploding-watermelon status as far as livestreams go. Still, it does get to claim the title (we think) of the first-ever Facebook Live birth, so props for novelty value. (Though there was this guy who used Beme to share his kid’s birth back in 2015. But nobody really cares about Beme.)

As for Eiki and his family, we’re going to say that everybody is doing just fine. He even commented on the video, inviting friends in the area to come celebrate, “thanks guys for enjoying the gift of life with me… lol come celebrate next weekend bbq if in area… :).”

Man Livestreams Wife Giving Birth