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Hot, Humid, and Pop-up Showers: Here’s What Your Memorial Day Weekend Weather Will Be Like

A woman relaxes in the sun at Central Park during a warm sunny day in New York on May 25, 2016.
Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

May was pretty much the worst, but that’s apparently over, as New York woke up this week and found itself squarely in iced-coffee weather, with highs closing in on 90 this week after a below-average month. That trend will continue through Memorial Day weekend. The National Weather Service is generously predicting “mostly sunny skies and well above normal temperatures.” 

The fly in this weekend’s potato salad is the potential for intermittent storms later in the day on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will be your best beach day, with temperatures creeping to 90 degrees. (Ocean temperature will be just around 60 degrees.) Sunday rain, if it comes, will probably arrive at night. Monday’s weather is looking unsettled and cloudy — though probably not a total washout.

So summer is unofficially here. Time to correctly install your air conditioner, or take advantage of the free AC while waiting hours in the TSA line before flying out of town.

Memorial Day Weekend Will Give You Sun, Showers