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Today’s New Optical Illusion Debate: How Many Guys on This Boat?

Photo: genw/Reddit

Here’s what we know for sure about this picture: It contains several men on a fishing boat with varying degrees of facial hair. Here’s what we don’t know: how many of them were actually on the boat.

The image is making the rounds on Reddit today. The redditor who shared the photo included the caption “the guy at the back looks badly photoshopped into the pic because of the shadow.” (Note the square shadow on the man in the black polo’s shoulder that makes the friend in the back look like somebody lazily cropped him in there.)

But not everybody is convinced. Others are calling Photoshop, questioning why the words on the one guy’s lanyard are reversed (the lanyard could be inside out), and the size of the engine as compared to the size of the men. There’s even a theory that the man in the rear of the boat is just a different picture of the man on the right.

Of course, it’s possible that there’s no great conspiracy, the illusion is actually caused by a shadow from the selfie taker’s phone, and this is just a picture of three white dudes fishing. But where is the fun in that?

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