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The Best Viral Videos Are ‘Teenagers Erupting Into Applause’ Videos

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch the video of high-school senior Mike Senatore flipping a water bottle onstage so that it lands perfectly upright. At the risk of spoiling what makes the video so wonderful: The crowd goes wild. It’s great, and if you love it as much as the internet did, you will be pleased to learn there are more videos in the same genre.

I have many favorite genres of online video, such as ‘Person Yelling About Sonic the Hedgehog’ and ‘Vape Trick Compilations Scored With EDM.’ But it’s rare to find any as purely pleasure-inducing and heartwarming as “Children and Teenagers Celebrating Disproportionately.”

For instance, look at this break-dance video. It’s pretty good!

It gets better though. Check out this girl nailing her skate trick.

There is, of course, the kid who nails this Chinese yo-yo trick. It’s beautiful. As the world around his loses its damn mind, he stays cool and collected.

What could be better than a scene of an enormous high-school crowd — the kind usually only ever assembled for a fight — losing their minds over a Chinese yo-yo trick? It’s a knowing kind of enthusiasm, but no less wonderful. And finally, there’s this beauty. You might think that you know who is going to win the dance battle. Think again.

This is the best thing about YouTube: It gives everyone the chance to be the hero of their own teen movie.

Teenagers Erupting Into Applause: a Genre Overview