Martin Shkreli Does His Part to Prevent a Trump Presidency

Former Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli Appears In Court Over Multiple Fraud Charges
Hero. Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

We all know Martin Shkreli has his flaws. The former hedge-fund manager turned pharmaceutical CEO — turned exemplar of capitalism’s worst pathologies — tried to make malaria treatment into a luxury good. And he bought that Wu-Tang album. And his last name is easy to misspell.

But this is America, a land of second chances. And on Thursday night, Shkreli took a first step on the path to redemption. Recognizing that his own unpopularity is the most powerful weapon he possesses, everyone’s least favorite hedge-fund hipster delivered a devastating blow to Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Someday our grandkids will ask what we did to prevent fascism from coming to America. Martin Shkreli will be able to say, simply, “I did what I could.”

Shkreli Does Part to Prevent Trump Presidency