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South Korea’s Hottest Livestream: Stray Cats Eating

Here’s something you might not know: The internet loves cats. It freaking adores them. Cats and the internet go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cats? Internet! Same difference. Might as well call it the caternet. Heh. Anyway, folks.

The Associated Press reports that the newest web hit in South Korea is Cats Meok Bang, a show in which people watch stray cats show up and eat food. Watching humans eat food on a livestream is already incredibly popular in the country, and cats seem like the logical next step.

In some ways, the stream’s boringness is key to the show’s success:

While the stars of those programs seek a rapport with their fans, cat TV has gained viewers despite its uneventfulness. Some avid fans say they quit watching soap operas, reading online news or playing mobile phone game to watch. One says instead of smoking every time he gets stressed at work, watching the cats restores his peace of mind.

Launched only four months ago, Koo Eun-je says he started the channel just for him and his wife. Now, more than 110,000 people show up each month to watch roughly a dozen strays eat.

The stream is changing views on stray cats in Korea, which older generations still regard “as a wicked, untrustworthy animal.”

The live feed is only viewable in Korea, but diligent fans are putting archives on YouTube. It’s pleasant. You’ll probably like it.

South Korea’s Hottest Livestream: Stray Cats