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Ted Cruz Drops Out of GOP Race, Promptly Elbows Wife in the Head

GOP Presidential Candidate Sen. Ted Cruz Holds Indiana Primary Night Gathering
Ouch. Photo: Joe Raedle/2016 Getty Images

Ted Cruz had a rough night. After months spent trying to beat out Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, he finally bowed to the inevitable and dropped out of the presidential race. He even admitted that his campaign had no path forward, and deep down he’s probably grappling with what Trump’s nomination means for the future of the Republican party. We get it, Ted — we really do. But when it came to that final conciliatory hug, you should’ve paid more attention.

Let’s watch that again, shall we?

Perhaps his grueling time on the campaign trail damaged his peripheral vision. Perhaps he forgot to look before he embraced. Either way, the last memorable moment of his campaign will forever be that time he accidentally elbowed his wife in the face not once — but twice.

Watch Ted Cruz Elbow His Wife in the Head