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For the Second Time in 2016, a Lonely Grandparent Has Gone Viral

Another day, another sad grandparent stealing the hearts of Twitter.

Lily and Jenean Jourdan have an adorable 89-year-old grandmother, Magdalene, who loves to paint. But when Magdalene hosted an art show at the local library in her Connecticut town, essentially nobody showed up, BuzzFeed News reports.

Lily had a softball game and Jenean had to work, so neither could attend, Jenean told BuzzFeed. Two townspeople, their parents, and one uncle brought the total number of guests to a whopping five people.

Sad! Here, let one of Magdalene’s paintings cheer you up.

Photo: Facebook/Facebook

Like any good teen, Lily used her grandmother’s sadness as a springboard for a viral moment, with this tweet that has since been retweeted over 15,000 times.

Since then, lots of people have replied with tweets of love and support for Magdalene and her art.

It’s reminiscent of Pawpaw, the now-viral grandfather whose grandkids abandoned him at the dinner table back in March. (He is doing fine now and you can read about that here.)

She said she is probably sleeping because she was so upset on Thursday.

No word yet on how Magdalene feels about going viral. Jenean told BuzzFeed the she hadn’t heard from their grandmother since the no-show show, saying Magdalene was probably “sleeping” because she was “so upset.”


Another Lonely Grandparent Is Going Viral